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Discovering Jira: user management

March 25, 2019

As you start scaling with Jira, you will eventually have to learn how to do user management. It is a daunting task, not only is there inherent complexity in managing user permissions for complex systems, but the complexity is compounded by the madness-inducing hierarchy of Jira settings. You would expect all settings to be snuggly… Read More ›

The Xunzi

“To honor rites and seek to achieve merit is the highest order of action”. I discovered the Xunzi as a student in university during a course that I shall never forget entitled “Introduction to East Asia 101”. That professor, god bless his soul wherever he may be, gave the most memorable lecture about how an… Read More ›

Beginner’s guide to JIRA: loading and tracking a release

In the software industry, we all have to, at some point or another, deal with JIRA. The “glorified to-do list” has the power to strike fear into the heart of even the most hardened dev, but can also be a source of great satisfaction when it is used correctly. Problem is, nobody really knows how… Read More ›

Architecture tidbits

The following is the notes I jotted down while reading a splendid little book called “101 Things I learned in Architecture School” by Matthew Frederick. For some reason I am fascinated by architecture. It’s the union of hardcore engineering with esthetics probably. If I could do it all over, I would be an architect. But… Read More ›

Observer review

Why exactly did I purchase this title? Was I undergoing a cyberpunk withdrawal and in need of my cyberpunk fix? Possibly. Much like other titles which I am inexplicably drawn to, I had “scoped” the title online on a couple of occasions. Was it the Blade Runner, Deus Ex hangover which was starting to wear… Read More ›

The DanceLoveApp experience

When I was approached by a group of UX designers to develop their pet project, a social network designed to connect instructors and students in the Dance Fitness community, I was reluctant to volunteer my time towards some external project with an inexperienced team, but I was intrigued at the thought of architecting and producing… Read More ›

The lean mean and clean doctrine

My journey into the world of iOS development has taken me to different work environments, and has given me exposure to different team compositions and development strategies. From improvised teams of uneven talent flying blindly into the unknown, to better established, larger scale organizations with more capacity and know-how paced by the reassuring rhythm of… Read More ›